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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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5 years of traffic jams, detours finally over. you can expect a smoother can it into downtown cleveland as the bridge reaches it's file -- final milestone . >> a politician is in ohio in october and it is not a campaign visit. is doing in cleveland today. on monday i feel like it will start to sink in. >> it is monday tribe fans so let it sink in. we really are going to the world series. can i get a slow clap up in here. the move they made to get the city ready. >> you guys are not in unison. let's work on that. >> we are trying pier morning everybody. thank you for
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today.>> good morning cleveland's newest member jd rudd. >> today the wind stays with us but the rain goes behind the wayside for most of us. checkable -- check out those temperatures coming in for some of us. we continue to fall. 53 canton and 53 in cleveland. this trend will continue. it may be warmer right now in some areas. later on this afternoon we throw the wind in the mostly cloudy sky today. most of us want to stay on the dry side but check out these temperatures. we are only in the 50s for today . i do have a small chance for warm-up coming our way plus the chance for rain. we will talk about that as the running -- morning rolls on . for the most part, our highways look just fine. no issues i 90, 71 or 480. 11
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that eastbound innerbelt bridge is now 5 lanes. that is what you will see when you cross that this morning. let's take a look at our odot view, quick check on the highways . no issues for you outside. it is a little bit more crowded . those headed for work in downtown cleveland, let's talk about it. we will experience a major traffic milestone. for the first time in 5 years traffic will feel a whole lot better in and out of the city. sarah phinney live from the completely open. >> 10 lanes total, 5 on the eastbound side, 5 on the westbound side. that is some great news for the 140,000 drivers that use this stretch of i 90 every single day . this may be a little difficult to visualize. our overnight news tracker when and drove around this morning to show you exactly what you might encounter. after being close, drivers can now take the carnegie avenue ramp for my 90 e., the west 14th ramp to i 90
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may be less gridlock from 90 -- east because there are 2 lanes open as well as 2 lanes for my 71 to the bridge. for the drivers who had been waiting for years from action -- for access from jennings is open as well. the ramp for my 77 n. size 70 e. is being returned to one lane -- to i 70 e. is should be a very easy commute. staying on top a news. breaking overnight: we're working to get to more information on this house fire. these pictures are coming into the live desk from tmz news along with his video. multiple departments were called out to rosewood drive at around 12:30 this morning. you can see the houses destroyed. thankfully no one was home, no reports of injuries we will let
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information. we get to more information about the closure of a popular website -- club. a judge has ordered h2o to close it's doors. earlier this month a deadly shooting happened in the parking lot but that is the most recent problem. police have responded to 65 calls in the last year. on top of that officials say the club has been operating without a liquor license. we tried calling the owner but couldn't reach him. it cleveland. one person killed in 4 aldershot. the victim in the deadly shooting -- victims shot. the victim in the deadly shooting was found on east 25th street. no word on the suspect for each of these cases. investigators are working hard trying to solve another murder this after a man's body was discovered near the cleveland metroparks zoo. someone walking by found the
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is not connected to the zoo in anyway. joe biden is headed to cleveland today -- but his visit is not political. he is continuing his vision to promote cancer research. he will make a stop at the convention center in cleveland. meg shaw is live at the center. >> reporter: we spoke exclusively to biden and he said he wanted being done here in cleveland. in just a few hours he will record guys them yet again at the 14th annual medical innovation summit. he will discuss the cancer moonshot initiative. it is a national effort aimed at ending cancer. the president put him in charge of the initiative during his final state of the union address. since then he has traveled throughout the country talking with cancer researchers. the initiative as close to his
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cancer in the spring of 2015. now more than 1500 people are expected to attend the annual summit at the clinic with researchers from more than 20 different countries. he will take the stage this morning at 10:00 at the convention center and then it is back to work on the campaign trail. he plans to make stops in toledo and dayton to campaign for hillary clinton. be doing campaigning for hillary clinton, but also campaigning here today, donald trump jr,. it is stopping by sin feather in for outfitters and ashland. the meeting greet is set for 9:00 this morning. >> can you feel the excitement? it is in the air. >> yes, we are one day away from the start of the world theories and the tribes are making last-minute adjustments before taking on the cubs
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year championship drought for the team. the mayor says he is not carrying the burden of the past . >> i don't feel responsible for the fact that my dad couldn't win. that was his fault. we're going to have our hands full play against the cubs. >> he is savage. at progressive field last night the injured pitcher was practicing. simulated game. >> the media circus is coming to town. overnights -- overnight news tracker spotted all the tv crews coming downtown . there is already a sportscenter bus outside the hilton. >> it will impact the economy
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honest. this is fantastic for the tribes. to get jet the door here's what to expect hour by hour. temperatures in the lower 50s. it will be on the windy side and cloudy for today. don't expect it to be as warm as a was yesterday. maybe you are supporting a tribe logo on the back of your vehicle. we are windy and a lot cooler for today. tomorrow is still the cool side the less wind . as we wrap up i think rain showers coming to play. we will talk more about that coming up in just minutes. it is 6:08 on your monday morning. thank you for waking up with us. remember this: the naked donald trump statue? now you have a chance to on that piece of campaign history. >> people are trying to sign a petition hoping to get one member involved in the world series but you will not believe what is. a police passenger gets a lot more than expected when the officer starts pursuing the
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look. watch this dashcam video from a california police cruiser. an officer has a guest in the car for a right along as he tries to pull over the silver mazda. within seconds the officer realizes the driver is in planning on pulling over. the officer and that right along civilian in full pursuit. -- ride along civilian in full pursuit. right after the see the gunfire. listen as the female passenger cries and please -- pleads to stop the chase. the police car rolls to a stop with the suspect taking off on
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we're following breaking news from the live desk: 5 people believed to have died in this fiery plane crash. the plane was carrying border officials to libya. it slammed into the ground right after taking off and then burst into flames. in france more than 1200 right police were deployed to help clear the jungle migrate camp. some hundred thousand people live in that camp. to refugee camps all across france but a lot of them want to get to britain. the campus set to be demolished tomorrow. right now in southern california 13 people are dead and 31 others fighting for their lives. they were a part of one of the deadliest road accidents in that state's history. a tour bus rear-ended a semi truck so fast that it ended up
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inside the truck's trailer . >> and almost 35 years i have never been to a crash were there has been 13 confirmed fatal accidents. it is tough. it is tough for all of us. >> california highway patrol says the bus had passed it's 3 most recent expansions -- suspensions -- inspections. the driver was also killed in the crash. a man is in dead us -- in jail for stabbing the person sitting in front of him at church. he stood up during services and started stabbing the person in front of him in the back in the head for no apparent reason. or nurse was also at the church thank goodness and helped -- a nurse was also at the church thank goodness and helped to save the victim's life. security cameras were rolling as an adult was caught punching a 7-year-old boy inside a school.
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this boy was punched in the stomach by a classmate's parent . the boy slumped over on the ground as the parent walked out of the building. the victim's mother does not understand why a parent would do this. >> you don't bully a child. i wouldn't do that to you. >> i will feel much better when he is locked up. >> the school sent a letter to parents saying safety is their number one priority. are investigating but so far no charges have been filed. nearly 130 people arrested in north dakota protesting the dekoda access pipeline project. demonstrators have ramped up their protest including a blocking a highway and flying a drunk. protesters are against the
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. protesters are against the project. shayla woodley was also arrested. she says they need to stop thinking about native americans as sources of fashion and inspiration and instead listen to their concerns. someone would be pockets played a lot of money -- someone with deep pockets paid a lot of money to own a donald trump statue. one $22,000. is that statue is now a part of an art exhibit called the emperor has no close. the cleveland naked donald trump statue will hit the auction block on wednesday. nellis get a check of the forecast. >> 60 minutes -- 16 minutes after 6 let me show you what is going on. high pressures trying to bring it's way in. that means cooler air is in play.
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going into tomorrow a little bit more of the same. temperatures are in the 50s but notice back to the west a little system here. that could bring us a small warm-up by the middle part of the week and better chance for rain. right now there is no rain on the radar. it is a clean sweep this morning as you step outside . checking those temperatures. you will want a jacket. most of us are in the low 50s. we have northwest wind at 8 miles-per-hour feel like 44. for some, a little bit of a chill in the air this morning. it will not warm-up much this afternoon. we will call this a mostly cloudy skies. we may get something areas of clouds allowing sunshine to come through but outside of that we are in the 40s -- we are in the 50s feeling like the 40s with the wind at 50 miles-per-
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in the on position with the northwest wind 15 to 25 . we're already thinking of game one of the world series. the cleveland indians, let's take that game one. temperature should be in the 40s . i was a dress in layers if you're headed out to progressive. the 7-day forecast show us temperatures are not budge and all that much the first half of the week. thursday a lovely 58 with showers likely. let's start out looking at 480 and granger. access to and from the valley view bridge, no problem this morning. we did have an earlier accident on 480 but that has cleared. let's talk about the bridge we're all talking about this morning, the inner belt. access east and access west and south is much better this morning because the eastbound
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it is back open to the jennings freeway north. we're talking west 14th and 4th street, that on-ramp to the carnegie and the access to i 90 is back open as well. the cavaliers are about to start the regular season and we are thinking about the world series. this is the first time that all of our teams will play on the same weekend. the monsters also have games on friday and sunday. it will be a busy weekd never too soon to look ahead. with any major sporting event comes lots of free food. last week you heard about taco bell's free tacos and out chipotle is getting in on it. they are offering buy one get one free burritos, bowls, salads, tacos. to get the deal where your indians gear to go. it is good
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if you want to attend a world series game in person and you don't already have tickets, get ready to dip into your savings -- maybe your 401(k) as well . also, women are fighting aback -- fighting back. why they are parading around in yoga pants to prove a point?
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happy monday. great news, these on inner belt bridge now fully open. 5 lanes of traffic eastbound.
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lanes to the on-ramp also 71 n. 2 lanes as well. 71 n. to 90 e. it is back in 2 -- it is back in -- into one lane. good morning to you, thank you for waking up with us. we're waking up on the cooler side. we have temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. do not expect much of a budge for today. as you get the kids off to the bus stop or yourself f 50 on the nose at noon. may be a rare 2 of sunshine. the biggest thing is the wind will still be a factor out of the northwest at around 15 to 20 miles-per-hour. it will wind up dealing a little bit cooler. we're tracking the chance for rain showers. we will look more into that in a couple of minutes. right now police are asking for your help solving a robbery at a laundromat. take a look at these photos. the 3 people here broken to the chippewa laundromat around 4 a
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saturday . police think they are also connected to another laundromat taken on sunday. here is a really shocking statistic: more than 14 percent of cleveland kids tested for lead and had elevated levels in their blood. >> there are ways we can change it. today is the start of national lead poisoning convention week. all this week the department of health -- health is hosting a free lead testing clinic. the clinic will be open today from foreign to 7. there is -- from 4 until 7 . there is no age when it comes to yoga pants. a man wrote a letter to the local paper calling yoga pants tacky and unfashionable saying only women of a certain age should wear them. these women showed him by
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pants whenever they want, whatever age, it doesn't matter . this man who has wrote the letter says he has received death threats because of this. you didn't mean for the letter to be taken so seriously, but you cannot tell women what they can and cannot do. >> that is not funny. it is not a joke at all. look up the definition. the world series is reminding fans of a classic sports movie. >> we're talking about major right now. you can stop by 3 hitters tonight. -- you can stop by 3 theaters tonight . shows will only cost you one dollars. all shows start at 7:30 tonight . it is also on netflix. >> and if you watch it you
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>> i watched a movie for the first time last night and i think the beauty shots were so cool to see them from the 80s. it is definitely a movie from the 80s so it is a little problematic with some of the scenes. listen to this. >> just a bit outside. he tried to corner this. >> the movie normally has the voice of the milwaukee brewers but th wants to make him the voice of the world series 2016. more than 11,000 people have signed a petition. they want fox to give him the call instead of joe buck. >> so it is not charlie sheen who people want to come back it is him. coming up: a crazy fire on a bridge in delaware. what was inside the car that could get the owner in big trouble. the vice president is headed to northeast ohio. what
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the five-year wait is over. the innerbelt bridge reaches its biggest milestone yet. how it will affect your morning drive? >> a huge fire in illyria township. the intent flames destroy a home -- the intense flames destroy
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different level. >> i am beyond thrilled. >> on monday will start to sink in. it is monday and the epic world series start is days away. the new face you could see on the roster. >> good monday morning folks. >> we are so happy to start your week with an expansion of our weather team and meteorologist jd rudd joining the team. >> to -- good morning to you guys . this is fantastic the the indians are in the world series. the browns might get 2 wins . this is a good time to be in cleveland. thank you guys. i'm happy to be here. i wish i had slightly better news in terms of whether. we are cooler than yesterday, quite a bit low the average for this time of year which is around 60 degrees. we will get lucky if we get warmer from where we are. what you see is what we get for
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as you go back to work take the jackets with you. we are not budging much in the temperature department. you will want that jacket as we head toward the end of the day. maybe a spot a shower will try to show up on the radar but most of us will stay dry as it stands. if you are you thinking about tomorrow night at progressive field, it should be drive for game one of the world series. take layers because it will be on the chilly side with temperatures in the 40s for most of the game. we could be tracking some rain that coming up in just a couple of minutes. our highways looking okay right now. let's start out in the akron area. 77 moving by without an issue. let's talk about our drivetime of 480: those eastbound lane 77 to to 71 -- 271 , your drive time should be about 8 minutes. the 2nd 484. we're not seeing any issues out there -- let's
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innerbelt bridge now open to 5 lanes of traffic. the indians fans and the cavaliers fan have a big day tomorrow. the entire innerbelt bridge is now open and that will help them. this is definitely a big day. >> reporter: it is a big day. it took 5 long years to get here. a lot of people are excited this morning. drivers will get to decide if all the time and money was worth it when they crs eastbound lanes of i westbound lanes open. if you are a little confused about what it will look like to go look at our video. our overnight news tracker took a ride this morning . remember the one lane traffic squeeze on i 71 n. leading up to the bridge? who can forget that. now there are 2 lanes. if you are going eastbound on 90 you will see 2 lane access to the bridge there. as for you waiting for the access from the
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hopping on 90 will be much easier from tremont because the west 14 the ramp is good to go. 5 lanes total on the eastbound side are open. 5 lanes total are open on the westbound side. i will tell you about more changes coming up in the morning sprint. good news for commuters. is great to pass along the good news this morning. let's talk about vice president joe biden. he has made fighting cance top priorities. today he is stopping at the cleveland convention center where he will talk with cancer research leaders. meg shaw is live in our tech center. this is not a political stop. >> reporter: cancer research is near and dear to his heart. he lost his son in may of last year to bring cancer. he has launched a new campaign to honor his memory and to help find a cure for cancer. the initiative was launched in
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across the country talking to the top researchers and stakeholders. today that conversation will continue at the annual medical innovation summit. leaders will discuss the latest breakthroughs and ideas on how to further advance cancer research. he has made several stops in cleveland justice here. he was in parma -- just this year . he was in parma campaigning for hillary clinton . he will take the stage at 10:00 this morning and then it is back to campaigning for cl stop in toledo at one and then dayton around 5:00. multiple departments called out to battle this really intense fire. this is a house fire in illyria township. these pictures are coming to us from tmz news along with this video. it happened around 12:30 this morning.
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the time. the owners are on vacation. we are not hearing reports of injuries. we will keep you updated. the doors to a popular nightclub is closing for good. a judge ruled the doors to h2o lounge should be permanently closed. court documents show the lounge has not had a violet operating -- valid operating liquor license since the beginning of this month. jail accused of kidnapping a woman in rocky river. she is okay. she is the girlfriend of one of the men arrested. he had a gun and forced her into the car. someone saw what happened in call 911. officers caught up with the car and arrested the 3 people. they are also facing drug charges. we're counting down to game one of the world series. it is the most exciting week.
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ready last night tweeting it was only 48 hours to their start to the quest of the title of the world series. many of the guys aridity going. >> it has been a pretty long time since cleveland won the world series. we got a taste in the late 90s, but these 25 guys not experienced the whole of that process . we want to win a world series. it doesn't matter who we are playing. >> here's a look at the schedule. corey will start game one. trevor and josh will follow in games 2 and 3. game one tomorrow night. first pitch is just after 8:00. coming up: our country soldiers who answered the call are now being forced to pay back thousands of dollars. why the military says they should
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it is almost 20 away from 7:00. good monday morning to you. as you head off to work, 51 is your work forecast, cloudy skies as you go home.
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throughout the day. temperatures will not warm all that much at all. hour of our for today: about 51 to 52 in the morning hours. that will be about it for us. -- hour by hour for today: about 51 to 52 in the morning hours. i will be about it for us. right now everyone should boil there water before using it, drinking, cooking or brushing your teeth. a water this . this affects people living near tower street. now you can get a cool new license plate and help the cuyahoga county parks at the same time. the dmv is offering this plate here. this will cost you an extra $35 to ride around in a year, but 15 of that is going to the park's nonprofit friends group. fans have waited a lifetime to see the indians and cubs in
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just cost you your life savings if you are trying to go see this game in person.>> here's a look at crews arriving overnight for one of the biggest weeks in cleveland
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now in the morning spring, our weather and traffic team getting you ready for your monday morning commute. >> let's send it to the newest member of our squad, jd rudd. >> glad to be here as we get ready to head toward the 7:00 our this morning -- hour this morning. here is what to expect temperatures in the low to mid 50s . that is about it. we have cloudy sky, cooler and windy for us today. here is nothing to pick up on the radar this morning. i think will keep it that way fire large for the bulk of the day. there may be a spotty showers that tries to develop at about the ashtabula area. most of us will stay dry. here is what is headed our way. if there is a shower at all it will be in the north east sections of ohio or us. most
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you see something on the radar app a little all -- a little later on today. otherwise a cloudy sky may look like it wants to rain but we should stay dry. here is what to expect for progressive tomorrow evening. at around 8:00 temperature may be 49 talk tough it. by 10:30 we're talking lower 40s . it will be chilly for the game so make sure you dress in layers. temperatures are around the greater -- temperatures the greater metro area, most of us are in the lower 50s and upper 40s. most of us are low 50s right now. the average high this time of year is 60. i don't think we get close to that at all. we may be looking to top out at 53 this afternoon. check out the wind . inmate put an edge on the temperatures feeling more like the 40s as you go through the afternoon. that is your forecast.the wind
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cloudy sky. we make it a couple of raise trying to peek through. >> there is some hope for warmer air. 50 and on thursday . showers are looking likely as we head through the weekend. shower chances will stick around for a while. >> it certainly feels like fall. let's check on those drive times. now that the eastbound innerbelt bridge is open you are looking good in those east domains. if you are taking 90 from the westside, we're in the yellow but we're still clocking a 3 minute commute. let's look at our odot view of 71 right now here? are looking a okay. -- . we are looking a okay. sarah phinney is live at the innerbelt bridge talking about this big day today. >> reporter: it is a big day for thousands of drivers who
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found westbound lanes open last week. it is a very -- opened last week. it is a very exciting time. our overnight news tracker when cruising around this morning after being closed for years drivers can now take the carnegie avenue ramp from i-95 east. -- i 90 e. -- i 90 e. it may be less gridlock on i because there are 2 lanes opened instead of one. jennings north is opened as well. it has his own dedicated lane -- 's own dedicated line -- lane . in just a few hours vice president joe biden will be here in cleveland. he is in town to discuss one of the topics near and dear to his
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he expects to speak at the 14th annual medical innovation summit. he will discuss the cancer moonshot initiative. the vice president has spent the last 9 months traveling the country talking with leading experts in healthcare about medical breakthroughs and finding a cure for cancer. the initiative as close to his heart after he lost his son to cancer in the spring of 2015. you will take the stage at 10:00 this morning at the convention center and then it is back to democratic candidate hillary clinton. yes stop schedule in dayton and toledo. also campaigning in our area today, donald trump jr,. his son is stopping by fin weather and for outfitters and ashland. the meet and greet is set for 9:00 this morning. also campaigning for donald trump is mike pence. he will being ashland -- he will be in ashland and marietta . tickets
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arson investigators looking into this house fire in elyria township. these pictures coming to us from tmz news along with this video. multiple departments have been called out to rosewood drive. this happened at around 12 - 30 this morning. thankfully no one was home when this happened. there were no reports of injuries and also no word on how the fire started. we will let you know more. one person killed other shot. the victim was found at east 100 and dirty 5th and gabriel. 2 of the other people shot were only teenagers. we have no word on the suspects in these cases. also investigators are busy trying to figure out another murder in the sani -- city . this after a man's body was found near the cleveland park zoo. someone was walking along and found the man near the west
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bridge . the death is not connected to the zoo in any way. a judge is ordering h2o lounge to shut it's doors. the most recent incident, deadly shooting in the parking lot, but that is just the most recent problems. police have responded to a total of 65 calls in the last year. any set community comes together to remember a 15-year- old killed in cleveland heights. robbery at the mister hero restaurant his parents owned. yesterday family members and friends gathered for prayer vigil for the 15-year-old. the vigil was play organized -- the vigil was organized by interfaith leaders . right now police need your help to solve robberies at 2 laundromats. take a look at this video. 2 people broken to the chippewa
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police say they believe they are also connected to another robbery sunday night in evansville. we're just one day away from the start of the world series. the media circus has already started. our overnight news tracker spotted all the tv crews setting up downtown. there is already a sportscenter bus outside the hilton. going to the world series is not going to be cheap. right now you cannot for standing room only. if you think that is a rages take a look at this. this is 4 tickets for game 3 at wrigleyville on stub hub. the cheapest you will find there, $2000. they go all the way up to $40,000. unbelievable. all of the assignment over the indians making the world series is reminding fans of major league. if you want to
6:52 am
by 3 theaters tonight. it is being shown. tickets will cost you one dollar and the show times start at 7:30 for all 3 theaters. harry doyle is normally the voice of the milwaukee bures but a petition wants to make him the voice of the world seri. people have signed. if you want to sign i will tweet out a link for you in just a few seconds. the morning sprint
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now, staying on top of breaking news. a massive search going on right now for
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officers with an ak-47 in oklahoma then took off in the stolen getaway car. the officers were responding to her reported shooting when he opened fire. 2 of his relatives were found dead in that stolen car. police think he may have been set off by his recent arrest on child sexual assault charges. they also believe he is hurt and now traveling in a different car. the 2 offices are expected to be okay. now to one of the deadliest bus crashes in california. at least 13 people killed and 31 others hurt when a tour bus and a big rig collided. the bus was going so fast it went about 15 feet into so -- the big rig . one doctor says some of the injuries could've been much worse. the tour bus company has no history of mechanical problems. the california highway patrol says it does not appear that the brakes were deployed. in arizona look at this
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vehicles. this happened yesterday. a lot of people were sent to the hospital. 17 people were hurt but this caused a major traffic backup. crews and george are trying to figure out what sparked this deadly house fire near atlanta. 5 people were killed. by the time firefighters got to the scene the house was already in flames. neighbor say the hours before the fire started. they also noted a propane tank near the house that might've exploded. we want to show you this rv that caught fire on a bridge. 5 people were inside the rv. they were able to get out safely, but everything inside was a complete loss. the vehicle was filled with marijuana candy. the flames and smoke could be seen from miles away. firefighters were able to quickly get is under control.
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has a lot of work to do. hillary clinton has a 12 lead and she has reached 50 percent support nationally among likely voters. donald trump has 30 percent when it comes to women clinton has a 20 point advantage . overseas this morning, the fight continues against isis to take back mosul. forces are within 5 miles of the city. once the soldiers enter they will likely street fighting with isis shoulders. -- soldiers . the california national guard offered signing bonuses during the wars in iraq and get understand -- afghanistan and now the military wants the money back. audits reveal widespread overpayments and it is going after nearly 10,000 soldiers
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good morning, america. hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead in our new poll. her biggest yet. >> i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> attacks the sexual assault accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election i around? ride-along gone wrong. a citizen unvited to join the police on patrol gets caught in a dangerous high-speed chase. suspects firing more than a dozen shots at the police cruiser. the civilian in the passenger seat. shattering the windows. injuring the woman as she desperately fwoegs stop the chase.


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